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    Energetic Lighting is a manufacturer/distributor of lighting products that span across multiple markets within the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

    About Energetic Lighting

    “A global leader in the lighting industry with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities supported by distribution and service centres throughout the world. ”

    Energetic Lighting is a manufacturer/distributor of lighting products that spans across multiple markets within the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

    A global leader in the lighting industry with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities supported by distribution and service centres throughout the world.

    For over 45 years, Energetic Lighting has been at the leading edge of lighting technology and manufacturing practices, bringing high-quality products to the global market.

    Our Mission

    Energetic strives to be the leading provider of sustainable and innovative lighting products, continually introducing new products to market utilising our extensive R&D, experience and the latest manufacturing technology.

    Ultimately, Energetic lighting products are the culmination of years of research, meticulous optimization and thorough product testing, resulting in the most energy efficient and reliable offering.

    Our Vision

    To research and introduce innovative high-quality products to market.

    A global commitment to providing our customers with the most effective means of attaining satisfaction with our products, our sales staff and our aftersales service.

    Energetic Lighting will always be in a constant state of progress, continuously updating our products and services.

    State-of-the-Art Facilities

    Our production factories sit at the core of Energetic Lighting, playing the essential role of supplying the constant stream of products we supply to the market, while constantly maintaining the balance between production speed and quality control.

    Each location is furnished with the latest in production equipment and qualified staff to maintain maximal efficiency.

    Energetic Lighting’s manufacturing sites work closely with the specific global offices so that local market demands are met.

    Energetic Lighting Factories Production

    Quality Relationships

    Through the years, Energetic Lighting has ammassed an extensive list of clients that work with our staff, trust and support our products.

    We view these customers not by the number of total sales, but by the quality of the established relationships and believe that true success can only be attained through mutual gains for both.

    Business transactions are not to be viewed as a zero-sum game as both sides can stand to benefit in a trusting long-term partnership.

    Energetic lighting lab clients

    Trusted for Over 4 Decades

    For over four decades, the Yankon name has been renowned for providing innovative, market changing products to the lighting industry worldwide.

    During this period, Yankon has also become one of the most desirable and sought-after OEM manufacturing partners in the world.

    Underpinning the brand's success are its capacities in providing and maintaining world leading benchmark quality products through its state-of-the-art facilities encompassing some 400,000.00 square meters of manufacturing space producing in excess of 500 million fixtures per annum.

    Yankon value their people and customers and collectively works with them to advance the betterment of the lighting industry.

    Energetic Lighting innovation lab
    full time engineers
    production space
    patents held
    annual revenue*
    annual fixtures
    & lamps produced
    annual R&D reinvestment*
    *All financial figures quoted in USD.

    Our History

    YANKON Lighting was established in 1975 as the Lidong Bulb Factory and from modest beginnings has grown into a truly global business with operations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North & South America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

    For over four decades Yankon Lighting Group has designed and manufactured innovative products worldwide. During this period Yankon has developed into a highly desirable manufacturing partner for many of the world’s most recognisable lighting brands.

    The Yankon Lighting Group has the capacity to manufacture more than 1,000,000,000 LED lamps and associated fittings and is seen as being potentially the world’s largest and fastest growing lighting business.

    Energetic lighting factory road 1975

    YANKON was founded as Lidong Bulb factory where our first piece of fluorescent lamp was created.


    Energetic lighting H shape light 1984

    H shaped tri-phosphor fluorescent lamps were developed by YANKON, the pilot manufacturer of China’s Green Lighting Industry.


    Energetic lighting factory equipment 1986

    The first production line of H shaped energy saving lamps was introduced to YANKON in China.


    Energetic Lighting fluorescent lamps 1997

    The first production line of T5 fluorescent lamps was introduced to YANKON in China.


    Energetic lighting Shanghai Stock Exchange 2000

    Stock listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange as one of the first public high-tech lighting companies in China.


    Energetic Lighting LED Yankon 2008

    Xiamen YANKON was established as the group’s LED base


    Energetic lighting energy star LED 2011

    Produced China's first 60W equivalent LED bulb with wide beam angle and Energy Star certification.


    Energetic lighting invested LED 2012

    Another 419M RMB (70M USD) was invested in LED expansion.


    Set up a complete portfolio of LED light source for retailing. Expanding into LED luminaire product lines.


    Energetic lighting LED Warehouse 2014

    Established 3 separate Business Units with dedicated focus on different customer bases. Increased investment on LED luminaires & production


    Full range of luminaires.


    Energetic lighting emergency light 2017

    New range of emergency light.


    Energetic releases complete Ultrasmart smart light range.


    Production, Environmental and OH&S Certifications

    Yankon’s world class research and production facilities are compliant to the following globally recognized systems and standards.


    Quality management system.



    Environmental management system.


    SA 8000

    Certification encouraging organizations to develop, maintain and apply socially accepted practices in the workplace.



    Business Social Compliance initiative. Social Audit report.


    OHSAS 18001

    Occupational Health and Safety.

    Quality and Testing Certifications

    Yankon’s testing laboratories are accredited by the following globally recognized testing authorities.


    Laboratories accredited by NATA.



    ErP accredited test lab.



    ErP accredited test lab.



    Safety accredited test lab.




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    Need some product help?

    Call us on 1300 215 598

    or email us at

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