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    Another large industrial style fitting, Floodlights are essentially large spot or task lights – used to ‘flood’ a specific area with a wide and powerful beam of light. These are most often used on the sides of buildings, canopies and car parks for night time security lighting.

    Likewise, they may be used in commercial applications to highlight large areas for sales purposes such as billboards and signage. Floodlights are usually rectangular and vary greatly in size and weight; pending application and lumen requirements.

    These usually retain an ingress protection rating of IP65 or higher as they are often installed high on poles or near roofing/gutters. Floodlights are often also equipped with daylight and motion sensors to maximise energy efficiency when installed externally.

    Product Categories
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    MarVelite Pro Commercial/Industrial Floodlight

    MarVelite Pro

    Commercial/Industrial Floodlight

    LiteW8 Residential Floodlight


    Residential Floodlight

    SupValite Petite Floodlight (Sensor, Vandalproof, IP44)

    SupValite Petite

    Floodlight (Sensor, Vandalproof, IP44)

    MarVelite Plus Floodlight (Vandalproof, IP66)

    MarVelite Plus

    Floodlight (Vandalproof, IP66)

    SupValite Floodlight (Vandalproof, IP65)


    Floodlight (Vandalproof, IP65)

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    Need some product help?

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